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western springs zoo

Sonja Yelich

At the zoo my mother is from 1972.
Our TV is black & white with knobs.
The school bander prints in violet ink.
We have a v dub BJ1476.
My mother is 26 no more.
in a red halter neck that does up
under the fanny part.
With cork heels
& skirt.
My pigtails are in rubberbands.
I wanted plaits but never got them.
The Americans say braids.
We were somewhere by the polar bears.

in a pair.
There's the fizzing of water & concrete
icicles which drip concrete icicles.
You cannot see me ~
I am gripping my brownie camera in hard plastic
which was an adventurous buy for my parents.
It will only ever take one film
of 12 shots
in its whole whole life.


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© Copyright 2002 Sonja Yelich & Trout.