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the fire and the ice

Audrey Brown-Pereira

the flood brought hollywood to samoa
                                                               with the fire and the ice
                                                               melting to flood the fugalei market and all of apia
with the police
                                                               and the rumours
                                                               and the media
                                                               and the lawyers and the people
(so many)
the dvd never show the
things we seeing
                                                               the things people feeling
the things that be happening to
                                                               the people
                                                               and the family?

the fire and the ice
be burning

like antarctica become a blood atlantis
water be heavy & thick with stool pigeons & rats fat & cats fat
& pigs too lazy to hunt pray just eat cockroaches on back with wings broken but floating
like take away you know? eating out with no doggie bag

on tv say
"they gonna fix the drainage & the sewerage"

on street say "stop cinema drowning in dirty flood"

closing shot broken cross at the end of the road
with coke bottle floating in mud.


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