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where baby lives

Audrey Brown-Pereira

it's been raining a lot
the sky so grey the blue been lost from the ocean

& the wind it bring the rain inside the house
the house so confused it don't know land from sea

think a cyclone's coming

you hear
                         baby's crying?
                                                            look                    vaai          outside

                                                                                                    she's trying to walk to u

                         her feet's in the swamp
                                                            the swamps got her feet
hey hey

                         baby she's sinking
                                                            she's sinking
                                                                                                    sinking          further
                                                                                                                        away          from you

                         your baby
                         she wanting so much to b
                                                                                close to u
                                                                                                    like them
                                                                                                    o'er there in
                         your wallet
                         your other children
                         your wife (no. 2)
                                                                                                    &          g-sis
                                        your baby so near                              &          u                    so
                                        f a r                                                                                                    a w a y

baby should've listened to grandma
when she heard the dogs barking.


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© Copyright 2006 Audrey Brown-Pereira & Trout.