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beauty by numbers

Audrey Brown-Pereira

nostalgia creeps a muddy memory
creating illusions of a time that never was born
looking back at people your memory tells you - you were like
while a subconscious tweaks at the rose petals with twink

skinny you were never
hula skirt and bikini never tried your hips
with intellect and eccentricity
used your mind like a sculptured weapon
hair savage and skin eclectic electric
deterring all mosquitoes to flee

for some reason rugby boys never looked your way
cool crowd never understood your polyvescent figure
standing confidently alone with yourself
although secretly examining the beauty queens with their low cuts and their high cuts
and the smooth linearity of their genes

marriage and post baby, a few extra rol(l)es for you
circumference more loving for husband and a wondrous hug for little she
beauty in the eye of the beholder
the holder of beauty be in the
that's what you tell your baby daughter
as she walks triumphantly with stomach pronounced

happily singing to the universe of taufusi

"i am da CHAMPION a da world".


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© Copyright 2006 Audrey Brown-Pereira & Trout.