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A Patina of the Antique

Jack Ross

I. Car Broken Down

A patina of the antique
over which picture?

David Lean's dead cameraman
today (4th December)

O'Toole as Lawrence, Alec
Guinness, Lara

or that deviant boy
in purple windcheater

crushed up against his car
by rush-hour traffic

Tailgated? broken down?
Car Broken Down

An oval earring
in the lobe ahead

II. Lean's Zhivago

Tom Courtenay parting the crowds
at the Sventitsky's
Christmas party

Leaves scudding across her grave
as Yuri's eyes
look up

Intensity of affect
Still the same?
More stagey?

Twenty-five years between
I've lived them
Haven't I?

III. The Information

You put about 70% in
of the information
says Damian

– The information –
"Car Broken Down"
(wrote that twelve years ago)

My Lara fantasies
(the paperback
that parted in my hands)

The point? Is the point time?
Un mauvais quart d’heure
for Mr Breakdown

leisure for me
to fiddle
in the bus


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