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How to Be a Good Ojóosan

Tammie Keiko Oka

earn a's
graduate with honors
go to law school
don't swear
listen to your parents
don't answer back
eat mochi
boil s & s ramen
shop at times supermarket
go to shinnyoen
dress conservatively
cross your legs
vote for daniel inouye
take off shoes before entering
always refuse offers three times
take japanese
drive a toyota corolla
use salux bathing cloths
learn to bon dance
visit the motherland
buy omiyage before trips
go to disneyland and las vegas
listen to hip hop and r & b
play taiko drums
go out with someone japanese
wait until marriage
marry rich
have children
don't shame the family
live in pearl city
wear slippers
visit ancestors' graves
pour shoyu over rice
put family first
make a family crest out of cranes
send thank you cards
let your husband wear the pants
pretend to be happy
earn an mfa
become a writer

say fuck shit bitch asshole
tell your father to fuck off
try different ethnic foods
like gyros, pho, and chow mein
get a taste of the world
don't go to church
to listen to nam yo ho ren ge kyo
and clanging bells
wear cleavage-baring tops
and mini skirts
vote liberal
wear your shoes on the carpet
say yes yes yes
learn spanish so you can say como mierda
swear in several tongues
drive a bmw
learn to bump and grind on the dance floor
take trips across the atlantic
to paris, london, and madrid
listen to alternative rock and indie music
turn save ferris on full blast
use yasmin and nuva ring
so you won't get knocked up
at an early age
be promiscuous
fuck a puerto rican man
to make your father proud
move to seattle
wear trench coats and black make-up
visit bruce lee's grave
change your last name
live on broadway between pike and pine
trade in rice for pasta
send fuck you cards to your family
find sweetness in your own reflection
in puddles of water in the rain


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© Copyright 2006 Tammie Keiko Oka & Trout.