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The Princess in Wolf's Clothing Driving a Ford

Murray Edmond

No one loved me like I loved that car
least that baby that I did not want
I was born to travel and to travel far
my departure was not reluctant

in Miami friends and other strangers
back home mum kept wondering what to do
they found dad living up a tree
with a Filipino girl of twenty-two

I came home to see the baby christened
my boyfriend sure knew how to dress
sunlight on the Christmas tinsel glistened
hope turned to excess excess to unless

words cannot express
they found him hanging on the patio
memory is just a false caress
and sympatico another name for woe

on the waterfront my car was waiting for me
I drove straight round to the club
I did striptease while they did the burying
blonde hair nice arse a little cherub

Yes that's me and I am both
the victim and the psychopath
I don't drive fast I cruise
the last laugh is my laugh


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© Copyright 2002 Murray Edmond & Trout.