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So Far: 5

Michele Leggott

26   lunar shadows
crashed on the mountain
errors of judgement
a comedy a love
immaterial wandering
just this
and this

27   if he is all heart
coming in to some body
on the other side of the universe
the moon the room the valley
where messages from gods
are pegged on the blue
and every night is an education

28   ophis you are
soft in my hand
wild orchids
wouldn't keep me
        out of your hair

29   Ofi-Okos a man
holding a snake

Ofi-Okos helping a snake to swim

a serpent of stars
a cinema of narrative

the naked eye

30   Cup, wake --
tip you out
on me dark
frequent me
sun beyond
visible sun

31   here they come
scorpion horseboy
seagoat waterbearer
two fish ram bull
and heaven's horse
when I look north

     *      *      *
            *      *

serpent of stars
cinema of narrative
theatre of love

October 1998


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